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public service announcement

From now on, most of my LJ is friends-only, except for my stories.

Devious Journal Entry

background trees work in progress

Actually I'm a bit further with this painting than the picture shows (added sunbeams, more plants in the foreground)
I can't wait to get home this evening and work on this :)

Devious Journal Entry

Grog in the Lost Woods

Grog is a character from Ocarina of Time, who gets lost in the Lost Woods. Despite Link's best efforts to save this guy, he disappears before Link can bring him medicine and he's never seen again (presumably turned into a monster)

Devious Journal Entry

control room

something I worked on last Monday. Fun fact: the writing on the screens is in the Autobot Writing true type font [link]

Devious Journal Entry

'Polis'alt, 3-d test 2

working on the second building, not sure if the look is right, yet.

Devious Journal Entry

panel 1

panel 2

So the mockups for the first two panels are done, and now I'm going to move on to the indoor panels :) I built way more Cybertyronian scenery that is actually visible in these pictures >_>
Also, I seem to have forgotten how to get to sleep before half past one. Spring is making me bounce off the walls, feels like.

Devious Journal Entry

Sidestep the Autobot

Drawing Barrier should hopefully be easier than making this dude was >_>

Devious Journal Entry

more stuff I made in Sketchup

comic panel 01

comic panel 02

G1 seeker jets

I made a G1 Cybertronian seeker in Sketchup. Still need to add guns and fix some of the angles (points should be pointier, for one), but I think I'm getting the hang of this program

3d cybertronian seeker jet 01

3d cybertronian seeker jet 02

3d cybertronian seeker jet 03

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